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For those of you that use the terms "savage" or "beast mode" on a daily basis, this is a wake-up call for you. Despite the poor audio quality from Dave's microphone — normally something we wouldn't publish — we had to share this. Enjoy this epic rant. 

Last year, we shared the story of Justin Kavanaugh ("Coach Kav") and his return to the elitefts S4 Compound. Earlier this month Coach Kav came to visit yet again — and this time he sat down with Dave and elitefts Editorial Intern Robert Cox for a Q&A session. Coach Kav first gave an explanation for his use of motivational quotes and slogans and then offered his perspective on marketing and branding in the fitness industry. Now in this third video, Dave and Coach Kav respond to a question about motivation and beast mode:

"You mentioned in a previous post that you don't grind, get bored, or go beast mode. Staying patient, persevering, and focusing on the long-term all require focus and discipline. When bad days inevitably come, what are some of your internal motivators and how have they changed over the years? What motivated you at 25 versus today?"

Dave begins by clarifying an important point: you aren't savage just because you go to work and go to the gym to work out. That isn't savage — that's normal. You're not grinding if you go to work every day. You're just going to work, being a normal human being, and doing what you're supposed to do. When you start patting yourself on the back for basic shit you're supposed to be doing anyway, you're missing the whole point. You're a failure.

There are certain things you have to do if you're an athlete or a trainer or a business owner. There are minimum expectations for anything in life. You have to show up, you have to train, and you have to work hard. None of that is beast mode. Everyone has done it since the dawn of sports. Everyone has done it since the dawn of working.

Coach Kav echoes these sentiments, pointing out the fallacy of constant busy-ness. Why do we pride ourselves on not being efficient? A lot of people in this industry perceive their level of success as attainable only by working harder or working longer than everyone else. And that's not what it takes. Success requires doing the right thing, with the right strategy, all the time. It isn't about the number of hours you work or how busy you can look in your social media posts.

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At the end of the day, everything comes down to execution. Each day, Dave writes down three to five things that he must complete before that day ends. If he's able to wake up at 11 AM and finish those things by 2 PM, he finished his list. If he instead wakes up at 9 AM and finishes those things at 2 AM, he finished his list. It's his responsibility to simply make sure those things get done, no matter what the circumstances are. These things have to be executed.

It isn't about hustling. It isn't about finding a way to be busy 18 hours of every day. It's about finding the things that matter and executing them. No matter what words you want to use about beast mode or being savage or grinding, you either execute or you don't, and that's all that matters.

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