He's the Terminator. He's a bodybuilder. He's the former governor of California.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger might also be a god of self-confidence.

The evidence:

Screenshot via US Weekly

Screenshot via US Weekly

Schwarzenegger is wearing a T-shirt promoting the Arnold Classic with a fat cigar in mouth, unlit.

But with a closer look, it's obviously more than that. He's wearing a T-shirt that has in his own image printed into its fabric.

By simply wearing that shirt, Schwarzenegger has revealed his true identity as a god or an immortal (come on, folks, there is no way he is 71 years old with a body like that) with an amount of hubris that would kill mere mortals.

Maybe he just really is the Terminator who's now keeping a low profile after the 1984 film (and its subsequent sequels) came out, possibly unmasking him for who he really is.

It's 2019, meaning we have 10 years to prepare ourselves to become part of the Resistance in 2029.

Header photo courtesy of cobravictor via Flickr