“Owning your own business is a big sacrifice. If I didn’t believe in the mission and the vision of The Spot Athletics, I wouldn’t make that sacrifice.”

When JL Holdsworth started The Spot Athletics in Columbus, Ohio, it was a small operation in a 2,000-square-foot facility. After multiple expansions and the addition of a Dublin location, The Spot Athletics now has two, 20,000-square-foot private training facilities in central Ohio.

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In this VIP feature, JL discusses everything that has gone into the success of his business, sharing how he is growing The Spot Athletics by investing in the mission and the people that support it.


At The Spot Athletics, everything is custom, from the design of the equipment all the way down to the color. JL says that this is the reason that he always works with elitefts for his equipment — because it allows him to create equipment exclusive to his facility. The moment you walk into The Spot Athletics, you know you’re in a place like no other. JL wanted a wow factor, and that’s why he has designed his facility with the equipment he has.


The big thing about The Spot Athletics is that it’s a private training facility. JL tells every member of his staff that, just like you wouldn’t let someone walk into your home without you knowing their name, the staff shouldn’t let anyone walk into The Spot Athletics without knowing their name. This is why, the moment you step through the doors, someone is going to come talk to you, shake your hand, and introduce you to the facility. At any given point in time, every staff member knows the name of every single person training there.

Coaching Approach

Whether a client is a newbie or a professional athlete, The Spot Athletics team treats them the same. JL’s philosophy is that everyone deserves world-class coaching, whether they’re a housewife who has never lifted or a professional athlete trying to get an extension on a multimillion-dollar contract. They’re going to be treated like family and put through an initial assessment that will help determine the best way for them to meet their individual goals.


In this industry, it isn’t easy to make it as a coach or a trainer. For JL, he wanted The Spot Athletics to impact and inspire not only his clients but also his coaches. This is why he offers things that others in this industry don’t: his coaches have full time, salaried positions with benefits like paid time off and medical and dental coverage. The professionalism with which JL treats his coaches has allowed him to recruit the best talent available in the industry. Several members of JL’s coaching staff, including performance coaches Ben Hollander, Ben Gilbert, and Danny O’Rourke share their personal backgrounds in strength and conditioning, both as athletes and as coaches, showing that their perspectives on the mission of The Spot Athletics mirror JL’s.

The Future

For the future, JL says nothing is more important than adhering to the culture, mission, vision, and values of The Spot Athletics. He wants to see The Spot Athletics as a regional operation that consists of 15 to 20 locations across the Midwest. He wants the name to be internationally recognizable so that everyone knows what The Spot Athletics is about, and that they’re pushing the field forward.

A look at some of the elitefts.com equipment available at The Spot Athletics:

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