If you draw warm-up techniques out of a bag and put them together before your training session, you may have a good workout. You may even string together a few good sessions if you're lucky. But eventually, your collection of random exercises aren't going to do what you need for a warm-up. You're going to have to be smarter than that.

This is true of all prehabilitation or rehabilitation techniques — use them incorrectly and you're wasting your time at best, increasing your injury risk at worst. It may even be in your best interest to reduce recovery work at certain times, reserving it for later in the training cycle when you need it. The more you can manipulate your body's adaptation, the more control you will have of your performance.

In this Table Talk video, Dave answers questions about prehabilitation and rehabilitation techniques. Is body tempering safe? Effective? What about foam rolling and other methods of self-myofascial release? How does passive recovery compare to active recovery?

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