As Hall of Fame Linebacker Mike Singletary said, “Hill sprints bring out something that you can’t really get in the weight room, something that you can’t really get on a track.”

As great of a sentiment as that is, I can’t help but wonder why we don’t hear more about hill sprints. My theory is that we don’t hear about it often is because it’s not commercialized. It’s not exactly something you can easily sell.

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Still, hill sprints are great. Case in point: NFL running back Walter Payton? Hill sprinter. Wide receiver Jerry Rice? Hill sprinter. Military? Hill sprinter. Actor Sylvester Stallone playing the titular character in Rocky? Hill sprinter.

I believe that hill sprints could be like the Fountain of Youth for people. Rather than doing fewer movements as they age, people should be introducing more movements. I have relatively few doubts that this could really put the spark back in your average 40-year-old. And that’s just one benefit of many, such as:

  • Safety
  • Strength
  • Body Angle
  • Building Mental Toughness
  • Conditioning and Body Composition
  • Endorphin Rush/Psychological Boost
  • Functionality

Before you go find yourself a hill via Google maps (steep hills, such as those in landfills, are ideal), don’t forget to warm up and don’t overdo it. I’d suggest doing hill sprints after lifting weights or on an off day and no more than twice a week. It’s a sprint, so go all out!