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About Amy

Amy Wattles competes in strongman, highland games, and grip. She has won several national championships in multiple strength sports, holds multiple world records in grip and has competed in the World Strongwoman Championship. In addition to competing, Wattles is a special education teacher and co-owner of Movement Guides and owns Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center in Meridian, Idaho.

sheri KB

About Sheri

Sheri Whetham works full-time in the Justice system and also trains/coaches several people in the fitness industry, utilizing kettlebells as a primary source of conditioning and training. She also coaches several people who compete in Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport and has been competing in the sport since 2010, winning several competitions in the USA and Canada. Whetham competes in powerlifting in the 148-pound weight class, winning her division at the Canadian Nationals and recently won the gold medal at the WPC World Powerlifting Championships, setting three world records and previously setting sixteen National records. Her current best squat is 350 pounds, her best bench is 200 pounds, and her best deadlift is 420 pounds. Whetham's best total is 970 pounds.

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