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I love my fiancée. She has helped me grow as a person emotionally, mentally, and of note here, physically. Now I’m not just talking about strength; I’m talking about a damn near 100 pounds in the last four years. After the excitement of telling everyone about our engagement, I realized I needed to be the man she sees me as, her “strong and sexy future husband.” Her words, not mine, I swear.

Unfortunately for the future Mrs., I wasn’t a powerlifter when we met, so she didn’t get a chance to prepare for what was to come. No, that discovery was about a year after we met. Luckily, she’s still around. Back then, I was around 160 pounds and trying to become a bodybuilder and hating it, mostly because every workout became about testing my strength, and I was more obsessed about my squat and bench. I wasn’t even aware of the deadlift back then!

I found powerlifting and competed in my first meet in September 2015 at a whopping 179 pounds totaling 959 pounds (308.6/242.5/407.9). Now I’m weighing in at the max of 240 pounds totaling 1,305 pounds (475/325/525). While they’re not elite numbers and I’m not rocking six-pack abs, I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish.

fiance wishlist gallery

1. e-series Prowler and Spud Sled Belt

Much like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other. Any powerlifter, especially those who follow elitefts, know the No. 1 tool for conditioning and recovery is a sled to push, pull, walk, and/or sprint, and with the e-series, you won’t break the bank, and you’ll still have money to put toward your wedding.

2. elitefts Box Squat Box

Now I currently use somebody else’s DIY box squat box, and it’s fine, I guess, but let’s face it, nothing compares to the quality of an elitefts box squat box. It’s a little extra something to inspire you on those 20- to 40-set dynamic effort squat sessions that’ll build your conditioning and burn those calories.

3. Wake Up MotherFxxxxr Smelling Salts

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood or have the energy to crush a workout. I get it, but it’s X amount of months, weeks, or days from your wedding, and you’ve got to get your get-on. That’s where these smelling salts come in. They’ll… wake up a motherfxxxxr. They’re cheap and effective, so stock up!

4. Powermax Non-Bounce Med Balls

Now I know this doesn’t scream powerlifting, but it’s still a great conditioning tool to work the core and utilize more explosive accessories without the risk of injuries. It’s not sexy, and in my opinion, not fun, but it’s needed. So use the smelling salts you just got and go!

5. BAMF Hoodie

When having to train in a way that doesn’t excite you, you need any inspiration you can get. Toss on an elitefts BAMF hoodie, and you’ll be reminded of exactly who you are every time you see yourself in a window or the bathroom mirror when you’re about to vomit. Be a BAMF and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

On a closing note, I’d like to say thank you to elitefts for providing us with so much content through educational articles, YouTube videos, and podcasts. It has been such a major source for my own strength knowledge and progress. I’ve been inspired to help others when I can, not just a personal attempt to train or be a coach but to offer my thoughts to other lifters. I’ve even given or loaned my own personal gear to others.

I didn’t want to date the article, but with it being around the winter holidays, it’s important to help and give to others. Thank you.

Elias Armendariz is a USAPL powerlifter (used to be a USAPL coach, USAPL referee, NASM PT, NCSF PT) who is focusing on going back to school and is getting married March 22nd.

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