Gear Funk, Taint Stitching and Taco Tuesday

(and 35 Other Things You Missed in Tuesday’s Twitter Chat)


You may have heard we do a monthly Twitter chat. Let me guess: you have heard, but you have never made it to one? Well, you are missing out…and not just a little bit. You are foregoing one of the best opportunities to learn practical tips and techniques to take your game to the next level.


Better yet, you can ask the specific questions YOU want answered, and hear a panel of gym badasses impart you with decades of wisdom moments later. Yeah, that’s right… you blurt out your question and a few keyboard clicks later (in what the computer nerds call “real time”) the keys to success are dropped in your lap (or at least up on your screen). To put things into perspective, it would be the equivalent of having the current Super Bowl champion team and coaching staff giving pointers to your intramural flag football team. These Twitter chats are the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00PM EST. Don’t miss them!


Our topic was straps, wraps, powerlifting gear and sleeves and obviously people had a lot to say. We had an unprecedented number of elitefts™ team members on hand to answer questions. Led off by Matt Ladewski, those adding to the conversation included Dave Tate, Jen Comas Keck, Vincent Dizenzo, Molly Edwards, Dave Kirschen, Mickey Manley, Andy Deck, Bob Youngs, Matt Kroc, Julia Ladewski, Josh MacMillan, Amy Wattles, Chad Walker, Scott Yard and equipment guru Jo Jordan. Although the schedules of Clint Darden and Al Caslow did not allow them to attend, they provided some pointers that Matt shared with us. To add to the mix, strongman competitor Chase Karnes joined in. Here are some highlights:


Using Wraps with Fat Gripz™?

Ben Balthaser: I saw someone post on the Q&A section about using wraps on Fat Gripz™. Counterproductive?

Dave Kirschen:  I'd say so... one of the biggest benefits of point of fat-bar work is to strengthen grip

Steve Colescott:  Never tried that. What would their goal be? You would lose the grip building potential but get some of the muscle activation. Would have to depend on the movement and goal, I guess

Dave Tate: Wraps or STRAPS with Fat Gripz™? There is a big difference

Andy Deck: I never use wraps if I am using Fat Gripz™ with the exception of very heavy benching

Dave Tate: Using straps with Fat Gripz™ will allow for more open hand position thus taking much of the forearm out and more lats in



Fat Gripz False or Full Grip?

Steve Lannon: Best to use fat grips with false or full grip or both?

Julia Ladewski: I use a full grip so I can actually squeeze the bar

Dave Tate: Full grip for pec work, false for triceps but only if you know how to use a false grip well

Andy Deck: I agree with Julia, at least if you are looking to improve grip.


Wraps For Overhead Presses

Clint Darden: Hey strongmen, don't be afraid to do OHP lifts with a very loose wrap on your elbow/bicep area.

Kyle Fenton: We use EFS wrist wraps, loosely bind above and below elbow joint. Really cuts soreness.


Application of Chains Versus Bands

Chad Ball: Chains vs bands...Which are better for bench development? Is one better for de vs max effort?

Matt Kroczaleski: all depends on how they are utilized but in general I prefer bands, especially for ME work.

Dave Tate: They both have their purpose. Can you be more specific?

Bob Youngs:  They both have a purpose. Bands have the potential to beat you up more.

Dave Kirschen: I get more out of bands on dynamic work, but prefer chain for ME stuff... It's good to switch back and forth.


Best Way to Break in a Bench Shirt?

Matt Ladewski: What is the best way to break in a bench shirt?

Mick Manley:  When I got my Jack shirt, I sprayed it with water and did reps with boards, I could barely touch 5 to a 3b

Dave Kirschen:  By benching to progressively lower boards

Matt Kroczaleski: Generally speaking working up from light weights to heavy with a gradually decreasing board thickness.

Matt Ladewski: Do you have a progression each week? or just do with what feels right the first time in the shirt?

Dave Kirschen: Generally go by feel... some shirts take longer to break in than others.


Molly Edwards maximizes the use of her bench shirt


Customizing Gear

Steve Colescott: Chad, what did you wear at the recent Nationals? And why did you make those choices?

Chad Walker: Steve, I went with all of my old gear that was already broken in. I didn't have enough time in the new gear.

Chad Walker: I have enjoyed trying to break in the new Jack shirt, however when I trimmed the sleeves they split up the seam.

Steve Colescott: If you want to customize a shirt, who are some of the best people to send it to?

Dave Kirschen: Ame Rychlak or Ginny Phillips

Matt Ladewski: Ginny and Amy Rychlak but I have never used Amy. I have also used a local cobbler.

Mickey Manley: I myself have never had one done, but I know people have had success with Ame Rychlak and Ginny Philips

Bob Youngs: Ginny is still the best and super nice woman.

Danny Rodriguez: Ginny did great work on my stuff


The type of knee wrap is not as important when compared to HOW they are wrapped.

- Al Caslow


Straps with S-L Deads

Charles Olivier Piuze: Is it better to use straps for a stiff-leg deadlift after a main ex deadlift? (CNS effect)

Dave Kirschen: ‏ If your grip becomes a limiting factor then yes.

Matt Ladewski: I do. It helps prevent twisting.



Prepping for the BP 225-rep Test

Thomas Edward: If I am preparing for the 225 rep test, would you suggest bands / chains, both? and how should they be worked in?

Dave Tate: Reverse Bands for time. This will be a long answer. First do a high rep test and see at what point you fail.

Dave Tate:  If this is at 115 seconds it is VERY hard to increase your strength endurance in a short period...

Dave Tate: of time so the trick is to do more reps in the same time frame. Start with 225 and elitefts™ average as many reps as you can for your set time. For three sessions try to break this record

Dave Tate:  after three sessions drop to the elitefts™ light bands and do the same for 3 sessions.

Dave Tate: the last three weeks use an elitefts™ mini and do the same thing.

Dave Tate: After this cycle you should KILL your record.

Thomas Edward: Dave, I really appreciate it, I’m stuck around 36 and need to add at least 5 reps. Thanks for taking all that time to respond

Dave Tate: I'm sure if you look you will see you always fail at very close to the same time period.

Rookie Gear

PrecisionSSD: I am just starting to get into gear. What shirt and suit is best for learning?

Dave Kirschen:  Multi-ply or single?

Bob Youngs:  Training partners are vital to learning gear.

Andy Deck: "Training partners are vital to learning gear." Completely agree. Mike Hedlesky was a HUGE help


Getting Hammered

Thomas D: Just got a 18lb sledge hammer from EFS. Whens the best time to use it in a training session? Start,mid or finisher?

Andy Deck: Beginning for warming up or end for conditioning or stabilizer work?



Chad Walker: This is off topic but congrats on the chocolate covered bacon!!! It made my mouth water!

Julia Ladewski: Why thank you! It was quite the find at a small town carnival! I must make my own now! 🙂

Steve Colescott: "All Things Bacon" might be a good topic for a future chat


Kroc’s Biggest Accomplishment

Darryl Hicks:   (to Matt Kroc) What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Matt Kroczaleski: Hopefully it's still to come but so far cutting 35lbs in 24 hours and breaking the 220 all time total record.

Darryl Hicks: Those are both pretty amazing. Many, many, more to come. Keep it up, Kroc!


Is Kroc's expression due to maximum exertion or knee wrap stench?


When to Start with Gear

Dave Palermo: When deciding or not to use gear, is there a right time to do so? (For example: when you feel like or when you're hitting a raw plateau?)

Matt Ladewski: I think it can add a new challenge when things get stale and help raw lifts some.

Chad Walker:  It is a choice you have to make. Everything depends on your personal goals?

Mickey Manley: I don’t know about anyone else, but I was thrown into a multiply canvas straps up my first day

Bob Youngs: You're asking the wrong group. Everyone should be in gear.

Mickey Manley: I think every person is different, if you have great form in gear you should go for it, if its bad you should try to correct it

Chad Walker: I compete multi-ply because I enjoy trying to lift as much weight possible!

Mickey Manley: even if you are strong raw, your form might not work well with the gear

Dave Kirschen: It's different for everyone. For me, it was a gradual transition

Andy Deck: Weight aside, squatting in briefs actually feels better because it fixes an issues I have stabilizing my left hip

Mickey Manley: I am in a sexual relationship with my Sumo Jack deadlifter

Chad Walker: That could get messy…

Steve Colescott: ...and we accepted a return from you?

Mickey Manley: I didn’t return my love slave, just one that wasn’t working out for me

Matt Ladewski: I use the single and 2 ply bash and love them both. Trying out the jack now.

Bob Youngs: How is the Jack different from the Bash? It came out after I was done.

Scott Yard: The bash is a great shirt

Matt Ladewski: The Jack is like a bullet-proof shirt! *

*Disclaimer: We do not recommend wearing the Jack in hostile military zones, while negotiating hostage situations or in dangerous police or military operations. Not only has it not been shown to withstand armor-piercing shells, the suit’s rebounding ability might make ducking more difficult and the bright orange color certainly will not work in your favor. In addition, medics may find it impossible to remove for shrapnel extraction or wound stitching purposes. Traditional Kevlar would be preferable for these purposes, but it won’t do crap for your total.

Bob Youngs: I really liked the Bash when it came out. Suited my long arms

Matt Ladewski: I touch real high in the bash and bench off the chest plate. The jack seems to have a lower groove.

Jo Jordan: Deadlifting I like the king pro sumo. IMO, it gives the most speed off the floor and has had the best carryover.

Jo Jordan: The king pro sumo lets me adjust with the straps so that I'm not struggling to get to the bar and get set up.

Dave Palermo: I'm still pretty fresh to max strength work &a quite a few of the guys I train with are in suits all all… personal preference then?

Andy Deck: As said before, depends on your technique, but I would say ace or jack

Dave Palermo: My form's slowly getting better over time; just wanted to see how everyone else started out…thanx!

Percentages for Raw

Christopher Bent: What percentages do you guys generally pick for your attempts when you compete raw?

Dave Tate: Open with what you can triple, take a second with what you KNOW you can do, base your third on the second


Strongman Meet Velcro. Velcro, This is Strongman

Chase Karnes: Any strongman competitors out there - The Metal King Pro Deadlifter is a must have. It has velcro adjustable straps.

Bob Youngs: Velcro makes things so much easier.

Andy Deck: METAL Jack DL destroys King Pro!!!!!!!!!

Chase Karnes: Really?? Adjustable straps as well?

Andy Deck: Yup. It makes the king pro look like a training bra

Chase Karnes: Very true! Velcro chucks are the next big thing.

Bob Youngs: When I was 300 pounds I could have used some velcro Chucks

Chase Karnes: Time to make another purchase.


Andy Deck knows lifting, gear...and tacos


Why Use Bands and Chains?

Mike@NYAllSport: Is the use of bands and chains to allow for continual resistance at all ranges of motion?

Matt Ladewski: That and the way the bands shoot the bar down.

Andy Deck: You can adjust the setup as needed if you lose tension in your ROM

Matt Ladewski: But bands can beat you up fast. That is why chains are great.

Matt Kroczaleski: It's not about when or which, it's about goals and what you want to accomplish.

Dave Tate: Bands deload into the body, chains deload onto the floor. Select based on current state of conditioning.

Mike@NYAllSport: Thanks for the reply, what weight chain and length would you suggest for a 1st time?

Andy Deck: What is your max?

Mike@NYAllSport: 515 x 1

Jo Jordan: 5/8" chain at 5' long. They average ~20# per chain.

Andy Deck: What Jo Jordan said. 5/8 chains, 5'long. Best bet is to get them from

Dave Tate: Where to get chains - #

Mike@NYAllSport:  Thank you for all the help, making the transition from shot putter to powerlifting, any reading suggestions?

Dave Tate:

Andy Deck: Everything on (articles, q&a, training logs, etc)

Mike@NYAllSport: Guys thank you for all your help, been checking the site, reading and Twitter as often as possible!

Mike@NYAllSport: Your accessibility and connection is greatly appreciated!


Band Use in 5/3/1

Matt Hardy: In a 5/3/1 program can you use bands on the bench or just as an accessory?

Dave Tate: That would be a question for the author of the program

Andy Deck:  No. Wendler has addressed this before and I have tried it, and it completely reams you in the poop chute


 Reverse Bands and the Best Max Effort Exercises for Raw Lifters

Clint Johnson: Do reverse band movements have as good of effect for raw lifters?

Chad Walker: yes they allows you to feel heavier weight on your back which lets your nervous system adjust

Dave Tate: Yes, if they are programmed correctly. What lift are you speaking about?

Ryan M: What are the four best ME exercises for the raw bencher doing Westside?

Matt Ladewski: Floor press, incline, 2-board, close grip. But it also depends where you are weak.


Mick Manley with his love slave


Strength Requirements for Gear Use

Jeremy Mullis: When should you begin using gear? Such as strength requirements.

Matt Ladewski: What is your height, weight and maxes?

Dave Kirschen: There's no clearly defined threshold... I'd say that you should have at least a solid year of training first

Bob Youngs: start of in single ply and add from there. That's how we started all our new lifters at Southside.

Matt Kroczaleski: No such thing as strength requirements for gear. I have seen 80lb girls using gear effectively.

Mickey Manley: I think it depends on your level of lifting and how well you lift raw

Matt Kroczaleski: People look at gear all wrong, it isn't about strength or experience levels just think of it as a different movement

Jeremy Mulis: 5'8 175 squat 350 bench 235 deadlift 400

Jo Jordan: I started after one year in powerlifting and then made small leaps. single ply, double ply, double ply with briefs,

Bob Youngs: I did my first meet at 21. Always used gear. It is just part of the game.

Jeremy Mullis: Thanks for answering my questions. Think I might make the switch in a couple just got back into lifting after a year layoff.

Vincent Dizenzo: Get back in the game!

Chad Walker: The sooner, the better

Chad Walker: Lift in gear if you want to be strong!


Best to get a product that is slightly bigger than slightly tighter. Then tweak as needed with a good seamstress.

- Al Caslow


Al Caslow squats wide with support from Metal

 Value of Calf Training

Christopher Bent:  Is calf work worthwhile while powerlifting training?

Mickey Manley: Rick [Hussey] always told me the calves should be worked to help you stabilize the squat. I need to start actually.

Matt Ladewski: Yes

Dave Kirschen: Not really for overall strength, but it can be helpful for preventing imbalances.

Andy Deck: Calf work is always worthwhile!

Jo Jordan: this from a guy that is genetically gifted with large calves. LOL

Andy Deck: Not genetically gifted - former childhood obesity poster child!

Dave Tate: That's how you get optimal leg drive for an awesome bench lockout.

Andy Deck: Then I need to train bench with the big boys and girls next time I am up there because mine sucks

Dave Tate: No, you need to train legs with John and I. That's where the real fun is. You don't need a big bench anyhow.

Andy Deck: True. And deal, assuming it is not right before Nationals.


Use of Sleeves

Brendan Riley: Is there any reason not to train with elbow and knee sleeves? Aside from not being able to use them in comp I guess?

Bob Youngs: if you have knee issues yes. Otherwise I don't see much purpose.

Dave Tate: Use them if you are dealing with some slight injury. Don't use them to aid in strength - just support

Matt Ladewski: I do not wear knee sleeves because of a knee issue.

Andy Deck: Sometimes elbow sleeves can actually aggravate tendonitis if they are too thick

Mickey Manley: I wear elbow sleeves to keep me warm and to prevent tendonitis, but NOT as a strength gainer

Matt Ladewski: But at my last meet I wore sleeves over knee wraps because wraps are worse on my injury.


 Dizenzo Doing Quarter-turns

Vincent Dizenzo: Holy crap, Matt Kroc is here!

Matt Kroczaleski: Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful. LOL

Vincent Dizenzo: No, I'm just buttering you up to do my diet when I do my first bodybuilding show

Dave Kirschen: Buttering him up literally?

Matt Kroczaleski: That's where Chad Walker comes in...

Dave Tate: OMG! Did I just read that? Well, it would be kinda awesome.

Vincent Dizenzo: It will happen at least once, just to do it

Chad Walker: Don't do it! He will make you eat like a bodybuilder!

Matt Kroczaleski: I'd be happy to help, you'll probably only need to diet for 6 weeks since you're so lean already

Vincent Dizenzo: More like 6 months and then some

Dave Kirschen: Wow... just wow!

Mick Manley: Kroc, quit stealing all the powerlifters!

Matt Kroczaleski: Probably lots of "pre-dieting" before the diet, but you've got a lot of mass under that blanket

Chad Walker: Kroc, this is about POWERLIFTING GEAR...not bodybuilding… Stay on topic!

Matt Kroczaleski: ummmm you were part of that thread, not slim

Chad Walker: Couldn't resist...I’m just trying to be an Internet tuff guy!

Matt Kroczaleski: Personalized embroidered powerlifting belts look great in photo-shoots, is that better?

Chad Walker: LOL. Much better!

Vincent Dizenzo: I would need your tough love. It's the only way I could ever do it. I'd probably kick and scream the whole way

Matt Kroczaleski: First diet is the worst. I'll make sure you feel like death and look great.

Kylie Gamelier: Haha. The first diet does suck…I’ll help coach!

Vincent Dizenzo: I'll need a lot of help. Like a whole team around the clock 24/7

Chad Walker: Like the Russian in Rocky


Look out!


 Bench Support

Luke Triantafyllidis: Should I start using wrist wraps for bench? On my 5/3/1 sets when I start hitting higher reps, I struggle to keep my wrists vertical.

Chad Walker: Yes!

Jo Jordan: I like the Metal Silver wrist wraps. They are rigid and keep my wrist locked in, not so rigid that they are a pain to wear


Making Weight for My First Meet

Christopher Bent: I’m 15, making weight for first meet when I've already unofficially broken 2 state records, is it still frowned upon?

Dave Tate: Making weight for your first meet is not the best idea. You will have many meets to break records.

Dave Tate: The goal of the first meet is to get in in the books and not bomb out. Take one step at a time.

Dave Tate: Those in this sport who try to bite off more than they can chew end up flat on their face.

Dave Kirschen: Making weight isn't frowned upon... but might not be the best idea for a new lifter. Lots can go wrong

Matt Kroczaleski: just lift and try to hit as much as possible early on. save the weight cuts for the big meets.

Bob Youngs: Just show up and lift. At your age no need to slow getting bigger.

Andy Deck: Also, cutting weight is the easy part. Recovering from a big cut is actually harder/more complicated. Don't sweat it yet

Christopher Bent: I recently cut five pounds.

Dave Kirschen: Perfect time to bulk back up... you should catch a nice rebound

Dave Kirschen: And losing 5 lbs over a month isn't cutting... that's just getting smaller

Matt Kroczaleski: Put the weight back on and continue gaining size into the meet.


Squat, Bench or Dead...a good suit locks it all in tight


 Is This Stuff Even Legal?

Aaron Gaines: Are the EFS Heavy wrists wraps allowed for the AAPF?

Matt Ladewski: Yes.

Dave Kirschen: Yep!

Vincent Dizenzo: They are fine in the AAPF, my fav wraps

Jo Jordan: as long as they meet the length requirement, yes.


Try and focus, not on how somewhere wear's their gear, but more so how their technique is in the gear.

- Al Caslow


 Ace or Jack?

Vincent Dizenzo: Speaking of gear, I'm torn between the Ace and the Jack

Chad Walker: So far I like the ACE...I haven't had much time in the JACK

Andy Deck: My strongman opinion might not be much, but the taint stitching on the Jack puts it in first over the Ace

Mickey Manley: Do you tuck a lot, or do you flare your elbows?

Chad Walker: I tuck a lot

Matt Kroczaleski: tuck hard on the way down and slowly flare on the way up


Jo Jordan favored the Ace


 Round-back Pulling

Brendan Riley: Just read an article by Bret Contreras and interested in y’alls take: deadlifting heavy with rounded upper back. Y'all do it?

Andy Deck: Everyone does it. Show me someone who pulls a max without some rounding of the thoracic spine

Andy Deck: But still keep it as tight as you can

Dave Tate: This can also be slightly misleading without x-rays.

Dave Tate: some have very big traps, lats and erectors that they looked rounded yet they are arched.

Andy Deck: Right, like is it actually round(er) than the normal curvature vs. arched


 Knee Sleeves for Sprinting?

Kylie Gamelier: What about knee sleeves for sprinting? Been having annoying back of the knee pain..hamstring tie-in.

Matt Ladewski: Sounds good to me!


 Choosing a Beginner Squat Suit

Brian Rauchwarter: What is a good beginner squat suit?

Matt Ladewski: Wide or close stance?

Dave Kirschen: Multiply or single? If multiply, I recommend the original Metal Pro

Brian Rauchwarter: Single-ply

Matt Ladewski: I would go with the king then.

Dave Kirschen: If you squat wide, get a suit cut higher in the legs like the v-type

Brian Rauchwarter: Is this the one?

Dave Kirschen: Yep! That should work great.

Matt Ladewski: If you squat wide, yes. If narrow, go with this one:


The all black knee wraps give me good support and rebound. And are versatile enough to adjust the tightness.

- Jo Jordan


 Band Attachment How-To

Mike@NYAllSport: How does one attach a band to a bench? Looked at the site, looks like some bands are only 12" in length use those or others?

Vincent Dizenzo: Just hook them through a dumbbell

Matt Kroczaleski: Doesn't that leave bruises on Rhodes?

Vincent Dizenzo: Rhodes has deep emotional scars

Andy Deck: Put heavy DBs on the floor and loop the bands under the DBs, attaching both ends to the bar. Use long bands

Mike@NYAllSport: Thanks for the help.

Vincent Dizenzo: My pleasure.


Damned Achy Elbows

Christopher Bent: I can’t do skullcrushers or any triceps extension any more because of elbow pain, pressing and dips enough, Is there a substitute I should do?

Matt Kroczaleski: close grip bench, bench dips with weight in your lap, heavy pushdowns. Typically pressing type movements.

Dave Tate: It seems you are just starting out. If you are having joint issues I would seriously look at your program.

Andy Deck: Good point.

Christopher Bent: Following 5/3/1 to the T. Is there anything I can do to rehab, or any other suggestions?

Andy Deck: See a PT, ask Mike Robertson or anyone in the rehab section of Q&A, read up on causes and solutions, but fix it.

Dave Tate: I would address it to the author of the program. The rehab has to fit in the scheme of the program.


The P-Diddy of wrap...Brian Schwab

Get the Funk Out!

Aaron Gaines:  Is there a way to wash the wrist wraps? They got a pretty funky smell to them…

Vincent Dizenzo: That's a sign to get a new pair. They are not meant to last forever.

Mickey Manley: Any time my gear smells, I just run it through the wash with no soap

Chad Walker: That smell is what makes the wraps strong...Don't wash them.

Dave Kirschen: I generally don't like washing gear... Try Febreze®.

Bob Youngs: The funk is part of the fun!

Matt Kroczaleski: WTF?? Gear is never to be washed just on principle alone.

Mickey Manley: Trying taking stuff out of your bag after your workouts and Febreze® them from time to time.

Steve Lannon: No, buy new ones.

Matt Kroczaleski: AGAIN WTF??? Febreze® is evil!!!!! Suck it up and enjoy the stink!!

Steve Colescott: Really stinky wraps are less likely to be stolen if you forget them at the gym

Vincent Dizenzo: Quick tip: Don't leave your gear in your bag. Take it out when you get home so it can air dry a bit


Vincent Dizenzo: I replace wraps 2-3 times a year, but that's just me. I'm a diva

Julia Ladewski: Sometimes just airing them out after your lift will help. or run under water in the tub and air dry.

Matt Kroczaleski: Seriously, spraying any type of foreign substance on gear or washing it, even in just water, will weaken the gear

Chad Walker: Stink Shirt died because of Febreze®

Vincent Dizenzo: Really, no spraying of foreign substances, what if you have a really good lift?

Matt Kroczaleski: I wouldn't consider that "foreign"

Mickey Manley: Even water? How is this different than sweating in it?

Bob Youngs: Sweat is manly... Febreze®? Not so much.

Matt Kroczaleski: It's not the water, it's the beating it takes in the washer and please don't throw it in the dryer.

Matt Kroczaleski: I am honestly surprised by the concern at gearing smelling. I honestly never washed a single piece of my gear

Mickey Manley: Cleanliness is next to godliness

Matt Kroczaleski: Exactly!

Julia Ladewski: Gross!

Mickey Manley: I think my shirt smelled because half of my nipples rubbed off inside, I have scabs from it every week!

Matt Kroczaleski: Then you need Arimidex, not Febreze®. LOL

Andy Deck: Hate it when I lose nipple skin

Bob Youngs: Embrace the stink!

Matt Kroczaleski: My natural order is a sweet nectar

Julia Ladewski: Of course, it is!


Some equipment is just better suited for specific techniques. You can't use a denim the way you would a Jack for example.

- Al Caslow


Macro Nutrient Adjustments

Christopher Bent: When eating for PL do you guys ever log your macro nutrients or just go by feel?

Julia Ladewski: Sometimes I do just to see where I'm at, but I'm someone who tries to stay close to weight class.

Julia Ladewski: It gives me an idea of what works for me (strength, recovery, weight, etc. etc)


 Best Wraps

PJ Burrows: Favorite elite wrist wraps? Constrictors vs. Kraits vs. Heavy wrist wraps?

Mick Manley: I haven’t tried the other two, but the Kraits are my fav wrap I’ve used.

Vincent Dizenzo: Just tried them all, hands down winner - Heavy Duty Wraps

Danny Rodriguez:  I like the Heavy

Andy Deck: Kraits for benching, Heavies for deadlifting or strongman



 Life Lessons

Christopher Bent:  Any tips you could give a 15 year old before this is over?

Matt Ladewski: Eat! Lift! Grow!

Vincent Dizenzo: Eat well, sleep well, condition, and do mostly barbell movements. You'll thank me for that advice in 20 years

Dave Kirschen: Eat a ton, sleep, lift heavy shit, and be consistent!

Bob Youngs: Acquire knowledge like it is gold. Take advantage of the Internet to learn.

Matt Kroczaleski: Never let anyone ever tell you there is anything that you can not do!


Al Caslow looks on, no doubt intrigued by the unique use of wraps by Dave Tate and John Meadows

Dave Tate's Poetry Reading

Dave Tate: Gear Tip Part 1: If you think it's tight, it's still not right.

Dave Tate: Gear Tip Part 2: If it leaves a scar, you are almost ready for the bar.

Dave Tate: Gear Tip Part 3: When you wrench in pain, you are ready for the gains.

MikeRobertson: Hahahaha those are classic!


 Wrap Up

Matt Ladewski: Goodnight everyone and thanks again to the lifters giving up their time for tonight’s chat.

Andy Deck: ‘Night everyone. Time for Taco Tuesday!

Dave Kirschen: ‘Night all!

Mickey Manley: Goodnight everyone!

Steve Colescott: Best participation ever!

Matt Kroczaleski: Thanks to everyone that came out and participated, now time to eat!!!

Bob Youngs: Goodnight everyone!

Dave Tate: Thank you to the team for all the great work you do, Matt for hosting, and all of you for your support.


Once again...our Twitter chat is held on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00PM EST. This is a sample of the type of info you have been missing (and we won't be doing these recaps every month). So, if you want to reach your lifting goals, you owe it to yourself to show up at the next chat with a list of the top questions that have been itching the front of your brain. You can get a free consultation in which champions and coaches impart you with their genius-level gym advice. Be there!