We’ve already gone over the top authors and athletes, logs, and articles of 2018... but what about some of the best videos of the year?

It’s impossible to measure what makes a video the best video. Sure, we could go by popularity... but just because something’s popular doesn’t always mean it’s the best.

But what we think is the best isn’t exactly what is the best to someone else.

That said, here at elitefts, we decided not to share the best videos. Better yet, we created a montage of highlights from 2018.

If there was a clip you missed in the 2018 montage, no worries; we’ve gone ahead and provided you timestamps with links to the video in question, sorted by subject.

(By the way, if you haven’t read elitefts’ top of 2018 list, you can catch a sneak peek of what you missed at 8:55. Or just read the damn thing.)

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Dr. John Rusin and Dave Tate

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