It's a living tradition of ours to hold underground training sessions for our team members to learn, connect, and train. For years, the keyword of these events was UNDERGROUND, meaning only team members were invited. It wasn't until last year that we opened these underground training sessions to attendees (as well as team members) and brought in key speakers to present on a specific topic midst a training day. The line-up has included Jim Wendler, John Meadows, and Mark Dugdale.

This weekend we returned to our original UGSS roots where we brought in team members to once again learn, connect, and train. So what does this mean for you?

Here's a few things we've collected over our busy weekend — content that'll roll out this upcoming week in the form of logs, video, and articles.

Screenshot 2017-06-18 21.08.35

In article form, Ben Pollack will continue his Bodybuilding Exercises for Powerlifters series. Thus far he has covered the vacuum, reverse hyperextension, rear delt rows, adductor work, and lat work. His next article will demonstrate bicep and grip exercises for the powerlifter.

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JP Carroll, in prep for the 2017 UPA Iron Battle on the Mississippi, hits a 900+ squat (heaviest raw squat ever at our compound) within his training cycle. Pursuing a 2300-pound total for this late July meet, follow his log as his training cycle continues to peak running 5thset methodology.

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Meána Franco and Steve Goggins finally reconnect to test her squat with knee wraps. In article form, we'll capture their reunion, her switch from sleeves to wraps, and the steps they've taken to continue to progress Meána's training through Steve's online coaching.

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Newest coach and columnist for elitefts, physical therapist Jason Colley examines and treats a multitude of ailments over the weekend. Follow his training log and column as he articulates a few of the issues he diagnosed for our team members (you may be experiencing too) with accompanying treatment plans.


Last but not least, Swede Burns and JP Carroll take over Dave's Table Talk to answer your questions regarding 5th Set methodology. The first episode will run this upcoming Saturday on our YouTube channel and articles section. We plan to run this for the next five weeks (at least).

Stay tuned!