What matters more for upper-body aesthetics: a large chest or wide delts? Does back width matter as much as back thickness? Are you stuck with chicken legs if you're a losing member of the Calves Genes Lottery?

Reddit user /u/Chicken_Mcfugget has taken it upon himself to help answer this question. In a series of hand-drawn illustrations uploaded to the subreddit /r/bodybuilding,  /u/Chicken_Mcfugget offers side-by-side comparisons of slightly-altered bodybuilding physiques.

The original comparison included two physiques with general differences. As you can see in the illustration below, the left physique has a wider back apperance in the front double biceps pose, but has higher biceps peaks and smaller delts than the second physique. General Physique

As the comparisons continued, /u/Chicken_Mcfugget (I know, I don't like retyping that username, either. But that's kind of the beauty of reddit: even a user with the most sophomoric moniker sparks interesting conversation) moved toward more specific bodily alterations, such as large pecs and delts vs everything else:

Chest and Delts or Everything Else

The remaining comparisons target specific muscle groups and display the dramatic aesthetic shift one physical trait can make:

Back Thickness or Back Width

Back Thickness vs Back Width

Big Back vs. Big Arms

Big Back vs. Big Arms

Big Delts vs. Big Chest

Big Chest vs. Big Delts


Big Thighs vs Big Calves

Big Thighs vs Big Calves


It's anyone's best guess which physique bodybuilding judges are searching for, but if you want your personal favorite body proportions, piece together some of these images and see what you come up with.

Disclaimer: Building the body you prefer might be slightly harder than choosing your favorite body parts from these illustrations. Maybe. 

Header image and photos via Reddit.com, /r/bodybuilding, /u/Chicken_Mcfugget