The other day in the gym, the topic of ab training for strength came up. I figured there was nobody better to ask than 1100 pound squatter Matt Wenning.

In short, Matt told me to use a group of movements. For a few weeks, he rotates three or four of the movements for every squat and deadlift workout. He then changes them for the next rotation.

He also said there are two movements he uses every night before going to bed, and strongly feels they keep him injury-free.

He does these for two sets of 50 reps every night:

Ab Roll Ups

Knee Raises

For the main movements, which are to be rotated every three weeks, Matt suggests the following for 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps:

Standing Ab Crunches

Standing Band Side Crunches

Decline Leg Raises with Hip Lift

Hanging Leg Raises

Chain Decline Sit Ups

*For 30-60 seconds

Blast Strap Fall-Outs

Ab Wheel

Grappler Abs

Plate Choppers

Hey, if it's good enough for a 1100 pound squatter, then it's good enough for you.