At our winter 2013 Underground Strength Summit, we sat down with a panel of great lifters for a Roundtable interview. Led by Steve Colescott, the Senior Content Manager at elitefts™, the group's discussion focused on programs and how to set up your programming.

Panelists include: Adam Driggers, Ted Toalston, Clint Smith, David Kirschen, Matt Kroczaleski, Vincent Dizenzo, Joey Smith, Steve Goggins, Brian Carroll, Mick Manley, Chad Walker, Josh McMillan, Julia Ladewski, Molly Edwards, Zane Geeting, and JL Holdsworth.

A quick overview of the tenants discussed:

  • Consistency in your training.
  • Not missing lifts regularly in your training.
  • Finding out what works for you through trial and error.
  • Straining with a heavy lift.
  • Avoiding program hopping—give yourself enough time to figure out whether a program is working for you.
  • Form and technique are more important than programming.
  • Find a good coach and crew to teach you and to provide honest critique.
  • Give it time. (The members of the panel have all put in at least a decade of work).
  • Build the program around planned deloads (once you are strong enough to need them).
  • Learn to regulate your volume and assess how much circa-max training to include.