Top 5 for February

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Here are the top-5 articles, coaching blogs, and athlete logs for February. Thanks to Scott H. Mendelson, Eric Serrano, Gareth Sapstead, Adam Stoyanoff, Drew Heisler, Noel FitzGibbon, and Ryan Wood for your article submissions.

We also have some March highlights and a few upcoming events: we’re excited to be rolling out our first Table Talk Podcast episode with guests Dan Green and Andrew Herbert. Look out for gym features on Omaha Barbell and Power in Motion (coming soon to Gahanna, Ohio), too. If you haven’t already, check out the elitefts UK website and register for the Strong(er) Sports Training and Success Summit. Scrolling down, be sure to check out the pre- and post-Arnold Sports Festival meet and strongman reports from Jo Jordan, JP Carroll, Bryan Doberdruk, and Matt Mills.

Top 5 articles

Top-5 Articles

  1. Add 100 Pounds to Your Deadlift – Matt Mills
  2. Technically, You're Weak – JP Carroll
  3. Bodybuilding for the Powerlifter: Why and How to Use the Maximal Effort Method – Ben Pollack
  4. Running Cycles at CrossFit Boxes: Stop Wasting Your Clients' Time – Jason Brown
  5. The Staggered Leg Deadlift with Dr. Eric Serrano – Scott H. Mendelson


Top-5 Coaching Blogs

  1. ASK ME ANYTHING - Feb 16, 2019 – Dave Tate
  2. ASK ME ANYTHING - JAN 31, 2019 – Dave Tate
  3. Ascending Workload Training Waves Based On Speciality Bar Use – Dave Tate
  4. ASK ME ANYTHING - Feb 9, 2019 – Dave Tate
  5. WATCH: Talon Grip for Squats – Ben Pollack

training logs february

Top-5 Training Logs

  1. Clout Chasing Clowns – JP Carroll
  2. Muck Fotivation – JP Carroll
  3. The Anti Shrug and Why It's Important – Joe Sullivan
  4. Quad Rows For Lat Work and Stabilization – Joe Sullivan
  5. 880 Squat With My, Cough*team*Cough – JP Carroll

Arnold Festival Recaps


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