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Week 1

Skip Hill shows his gratitude to leg equipment innovation over the last ten years and lists his top-5 machines. Number one on his list is the Pit Shark. Read to find out what else is on his list.

Brian Alsruhe gives you a tutorial on the atlas stone. He demonstrates form and multiple scenarios to consider as a strongman competitor or for someone who’s looking to try out a new implement to spice up accessory work. Watch now!

Enjoy Christmas lists from Marilia Coutinho, Federico Caballero, and Ben Pollack!

Week 2

JM Blakley is interviewed for the newest I Am feature. Learn where he grew up, the opportunities he took in Columbus, Ohio, with Earl Bruce and Louie Simmons, the inner workings of his mindset, the legacy he desires to leave behind, and more!

Bryan Mann has a question for you: Does the 225 bench press repetitions test even matter?

Enjoy Christmas lists from Daniel Murphy, Carrye Stallard, Austin Mayfield, and Cody Williams!

Week 3

Chris Cooper continues his monthly GPP programming for your business. Set in place these five moves this December and see how your staff and members profit.

Sam Miller goes in-depth on your other T-levels. Have you considered the health of your thyroid on your quest for strength, hypertrophy, power, and performance in bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman?

Enjoy Christmas lists from Jay Brown, Masumi Parekh, Tiel van den Heuvel, and others, and then be sure to vote for your favorite elitefts Christmas list!

Week 4

Sam Brown shares his Train Your Ass Off with Dave Tate experiences and tells you when the next session comes around why you must sign up.

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We’ll also review 2019 as we share the athletes, coaches, and columnists that were most popular in terms of clicks and the products we couldn’t keep on the proverbial shelves.

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  1. The Peak Starts. 705x3 Squat – Joe Sullivan
  2. Five Things To Avoid As A College Lifter – Brandon Smitley
  3. Heavy Benching – Joe Sullivan
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  1. Redesign Your Weekly Program – Chuck Miller
  2. Chin-Ups at a Higher Bodyweight – Erik Eggers
  3. The End of My Era as a Strength and Conditioning Coach – Todd Hamer
  4. Paying the Price of the Platform – Dave Tate
  5. Daily Undulating Periodization Programming for Your Next Powerlifting Meet – Chris Marzarella

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