09/29/13 How to Swing a Sledgehammer - Exercise of the day w/VIDEO

There are varying ways to stand when doing this. You can be squared up or step into the swing as we do in the video. We do both to keep it constantly changing. Both ways are useful. We use both hands meaning right hand dominate swing then left hand dominate swing, both for the same amount of time.

We do timed reps and as many reps as we can do for a 1 min or 2 min. This exercise helps grip strength, works lats, forearms, abs, upper back and even calves. This exercise will really work your butt off.

I have cut wood with my father my whole life. It’s really no different than swinging a go devil (redneck term which is another name for a splitting maul). My father has burned with wood as far back as I can remember and he put an axe in my hand at an age he felt I was suited to bust wood. I contribute my hand and forearm strength from years of doing this. My father has never lifted weights in his life but his hand strength is ridiculous from years of chopping wood.

Give it a try....

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