12 Weeks Post-op Deadlifts

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Well at 12 weeks post op on my bicep I have been cleared to "do some things". So I deadlifted. I decided it was time to man up and go double over hand. Now everyone knows I am not a deadlifter. I suck but I do try.

This go round since having my surgery I will train exclusively double overhand. No sense trying to risk injury. The problem for me is I cant wrap my thumb with my index finger. My hands are too fat and my fingers are short, so getting that extra leverage from this is just not in the cards for me.

My left hand is allot weaker than my right, right now but it was before the injury anyway. It’s just even more so because of the lack of usage during the last 3 months.

I am beginning to do a ton of grip work to see how strong I can get my hands. If I am ever going to compete this way my hand strength has got to be better and since I can’t wrap my thumb then it will have to be crazy better.

Today I worked up to my work set of 420 for a double and was very happy with no practice and 3 months off I could do that. Nothing to jump up and down about but it gives me an idea where I am so I know where I need to be. This will take some time and effort on my part to get my grip up to par.

Here we go on what I did today:

BB Deadlifts

raw, conv stance, double overhand

off 1" mats

1 x 135 - 3

1 x 185 - 2

1 x 225 - 2

1 x 275 - 1

1 x 315 - 1

1 x 365 - 1

1 x 405 - 1

1 x 420 - 2

1 x 420 - 2

added strap to left hand

1 x 455 - 1

Hack Squats

4 sets


5 sets

Leg Curls

5 sets

Grip work


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