Can't wait to train!

Week is almost over and this "break" from training is coming to an end. I definitely enjoyed myself while it lasted with a fun-filled weekend.

For the last couple of months, my co-workers and I planned a trip to go to Universal Studios - Halloween Horror nights. I've been hearing about Horror Nights from friends for years and I was finally going to experience it. We arrived Friday night, got food and drinks, and then headed to the haunted houses, along with the other 5 million people that were headed to do the same. Despite the long lines, we had a blast and if there was more time, I probably would have ridden the Mummy 20 more times. That ride never gets old to me. The costumes and make-up for the haunted houses were badass -- not very scary but it was probably because I was too distracted by the fact that I had to protect some of my co-workers from getting stabbed by Michael Myers. They have this theory that just because I'm a powerlifter, I can protect them from harms way haha. Their faces were priceless. The Walking Dead haunted house had to be my favorite, though.

Since we were in Orlando, I couldn't ignore the fact that Cigar City Brewery was a hop and a skip away. Something new to learn about me: I love beer -- and since beer is good for your macros and deadlifts, I figured it was a great way to end my "break" and a great start to my training cycle. One Dark Woods brew (made with a chocolaty porter aged on sugar maple) and a Churchill cigar later, it was time to head back home and get ready for these upcoming weeks of training.





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