Last Friday Shoulder boulders quick pic

My first real shoulder day back in months.
With over head pressing.

Warmed up
stretching the chest and back muscles.
did a few sets of lateral raises and rear delt raises. Just getting the blood flowing.

up the rack press
I only used the bar 45lbs
5 sets 12-20 reps basically till failure.
pain decreased each time in my shoulder.

angled single arm lateral raises
4 sets of 20

combo sets
straight barbell
straight front raise
upright row
25 reps through 3 times

cable rear delt swings up and down
4 sets total

seated rear delt concentration sets
7lbs DB 4 sets of 15

20min cardio on bike!

Boulder shoulders photo mopic_zpsef48f537.jpg

Molly Edwards

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