Well it seems as though your fearless leader's body has reached homeostasis. Or perhaps my body is just fighting me to go back to shw. Never I say! But damn, it sure would be fun. At 267 I'm pretty confident I'd be over 300 by Thanksgiving. Is that a dream or nightmare, I'm not sure.

Back on topic though. I did measure my cals all week and stayed on point with 3000. So there are a couple of things I am going to try before I decide to reduce my daily intake.

First, I'm going to be more calculated in my weekly refeed. I'm focusing solely on low fat carbs. No pizza, no McDonald's, etc. These are desperate times my friends. I'm shooting for 1000 grams of carbs, and keeping fat under 100 grams.

Second, I am going to up my conditioning. I will try to hit some type of circuit training on my off days. I'm working out a few different sessions that won't "f" my back recovery up. I'm planning on one using dumbbells, one with blast straps, and one outside implement circuit. I figure it's good to have a few options. The blast straps probably makes the most sense to not aggravate my back.

So that's it for now. I'm not frustrated. It's part of the process. The recent setback just makes me hungrier to get into the 250's. Maybe hungrier wasn't the best word choice.

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