On Oct 12, 2015 we created the Poll displayed below in an attempt to find the most used training systems. As you will read below we tried to take elitefts Bias out of this as much as we could but we know this will still exist and note them below.


I am breaking out the top 10 so I can include links that will allow  you can find more information.


The Top 10


1.   Jim Wendler 5/3/1
Jim's Author Page  on elitefts.com

Jim's Personal Web Site and Blog

 Second Edition and Jim's Amazon Page


2.  I use my own method.
* This is one of the biggest goals of elitefts, to teach you how to create and build upon your own training philosophy.

Elitefts.com Articles Page

Elitefts Podcasts Page

Elitefts Videos Page

Elitefts Programs Page

Elitefts Programs Design Page

Elitefts Blogs and Training Logs Page

Elitefts Q and A Page

Elitefts YouTube Page

Elitefts Archived YouTube Page


3.  Westside Barbell

Articles on Westside Barbell

* note, our article search will be improved in 2016 so I am adding another search link HERE that may yield better results.

Westside Barbell's Web Site


4. I have my own coach or trainer (offline).



5. The 5th Set
* watching the popularity and results of this program I see it growing significantly in 2016.

Swede's e-book The 5th Set

Swede's Article - Team Page


6. Basic Powerlifting Linear Periodisation

Elitefts Programs Page

Elitefts Programs Design Page

Elitefts.com Store > Books > Strength Training



7. Block Periodisation

Gabe Naspinski did some excellent writing on this.

Gabe's Team Page

Elitefts.com Store > Books > Strength Training



8. I have an online trainer - coach

*note: as listed below we have many team members who offer online training. These are listed below:

*We have many other team members who are coaches and/or trainers within the University or Teams they work for or Trainer in the Gym they own or employed through


9. Mountain Dog Training 

John Meadow's Team Page

John Meadow's Store Page

Mountain Dog Diet Web Site


10.  The Cube Method - Brandon Lilly

I can only find this for sale now at Amazon. Search for The Cube Method. You can also find a ton of information on this with a simple Google Search



The Top 20


Trainiong Methods



Biases and Disclosures 

* To take some of our own reader bias out of this we posted and boosted it (the survey - poll)  several times on our facebook page each time focusing on a different strength base demographic; powerlifting, bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini, crosssfit, strength and conditioning, football, strongman, etc.

* We've had this active since Oct and it is still active now.

* We launched this first on elitefts and through our mailing list and let it run for a few weeks before hitting the other demographics. The reason for this was to see where the bias would be and how the ranking would change when we began pushing to those who may not know who we are..

...and the program ranking did change pulling Crossfit and HIT training up significantly.


Here are some of the biases they may and do exist.

5/3/1 - Jim Wendler was a very active staff member of Elitefts.com Inc for around 8 years, 531 was launched on elitefts and Jim had answered close to 100,000 QA's before this program even launched, not including the articles, videos and seminars. Jim is still a team member - adviser of Elitefts.com Inc. The success of his training program allowed and afforded him to leave his day job and focus 100% on his writing and growing 5/3/1 - being that this is listed as #1 on the list I would say he is doing a great job! BUT, I will personally note just writing and being popular will not put you at the top of this list or any list for that matter. The program has to work for the majority of people who use it and 5/3/1 does. The other thing is  you have to care about those you are helping, as well as, the quality of the work.


Westside - I personally trained at WSBB for close to 14 years and many of my articles have been on the conjugate method, we have had others who have also written several articles on this style of training on elitefts.com. This is not a foreign method to our readers.


The 5th Set - Swede is a team member of elitefts.com and the 5th set was launched through elitefts. He continues to write articles for elitefts so again this is not a foreign method to our readers. This is also a very popular method right now that is producing great results.


Block Training - We have published many articles on this style of training as well - again not a foreign concept to our readers. I noted the articles above by Gabe that did a great job of how to lay this out.


Online Trainers - We have many team members who also work as online trainers. It is safe to assume many or all of their clients read the site. This will sku the number up considers how many team members perform this service x the clients they have.


Mountain Dog Training - John Meadows is also a team elitefts member - adviser and this is the style of training I have used for the past several years. We have made many training compilation videos of  some of the training we've done. I also train with John and Mark Dugdale has a training log on the site and trains under the guidance of John. This is also a very popular training method right now and is also producing great results.


Juggernaut Training - Chad Smith is a former team member and alumni of elitefts. The Juggernaut Method was launched on elitefts so those associated with elitefts - this is not a foreign method to them. He has since improved on the method and does a great job educating lifters today.


While I am noting these potential biases it is just as important to note all of the people on this list BUSTED their asses creating the training, tweaking the training, marketing the training, and helping answer questions about the training. Some are still very active on the site others are not but they all are still busting their asses helping people with their training. This is very important to note because it factors into the placement of the ranking.


I am noting all this because there are already enough BS lists tossed together by friends of friends and set up as click bait that it drives me nuts. I want to make sure and note any and all bias that exist.