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Week 1

Skip Hill compiles 35 years of gym training to explain why your chest development sucks. He’s narrowed it down to five areas: workload, intensity, form, exercise selection, and the bench press. Use this article to pinpoint the area you’re neglecting or annihilating to promise growth. Read now! 

Stefan Waltersson suggests alternating your heavy squats with belt squats every now and then to recover faster without injury. Did you know we have a variety of belt squat models to choose from? Here are a few options: Tiger Belt Squat, Pit Shark, Belt Squat Machine, and the Custom Plate Loaded Belt Squat.


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Week 2

Jordan Shallow joins us at elitefts to train, teach, and upload another Table Talk Podcast. This month, he’ll also be writing on the topic of bands and why they shouldn’t be your go-to for strengthening your rotator cuffs. Have a specific topic you’d like for him to cover while he’s here? Tell us!

Dave Tate updates Bryan Krahn’s “Price of the Platform.” Remember Keith, Charlie, Eddie, and Giles? See how their lives have changed since this 2014 publication.

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Week 3

JM Blakley breaks down nutrition to its origin (perhaps the steak you’re grilling tonight came from a country like Argentina) in an exploration similar to his July publication written about the mind-muscle connection.

JM will also be joining the Table Talk Podcast for a second time, traveling from Youngstown, Ohio. Be sure to join in the conversation by asking a question on IG or YouTube for JM to answer.

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Week 4

After 20 years as a strength and conditioning coach, Todd Hamer begins a new chapter as general manager of Union Fitness, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Read about where he feels strength and conditioning is going as a profession.

Eric Serrano and Scott Mendelson create an alternative to sissy squats. Even if you have access to an elitefts Deluxe Sissy Squat Stand, you’ll want to give this quad burner a try.

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