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  • Legs with Kroc

    Hit the streets in Matt's camaro again...I took a video of him smoking out the neighborhood...I'm sure he'll post it online somewhere

    Legs with Kroc
  • Updated Workouts

    Life is good, stoked about second son being born on Nov 4th.........here are updated workouts

    Updated Workouts
  • UGSS and training since

    I am training to compete. I qualified for WPC worlds in November in Bench & Deadlift. My meet prep will start 10 weeks out but until then I am trying to survive moving my business, preparing to have a new baby, finding a new house(to make room for the new baby) & dealing with a host of other issues that make life not so fun. Overall training is going well but there are always problems,

    UGSS and training since
  • Friday Not a normal sun's out, but Sky is out

    Selkow was the strength and conditioning coach of the NHL Arizona Sundogs as well as for the Bradshaw Mountain High School football program. He has worked with hundreds of athletes in multitude of sports the last 35 years. Selkow is currently working at Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California.

    Friday Not a normal sun's out, but Sky is out
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