Justin Harris


Longtime readers of elitefts.com will be familiar with the name Justin Harris. In an industry of bodybuilding contest prep gurus, Harris stood out as the brightest, most innovative and result-producing of the muscle-building/fat-shredding experts. Among one of his early notable successes was preparing the thick-skinned, junk food-addicted, recently-retired powerlifter Dave Tate down to impressive single-digit body fat levels, when no one would have guessed such a thing was possible. After a five-year hiatus from the gym, (in which he accomplished a masters degree in physics), Harris has returned to elitefts.com to share cutting-edge nutrition and training information with our readership.

  • High carb day

    High carb day with over 1,000g of carbs with leg training tonight

    High carb day
  • Legs 3/10/15

    Solo leg session the day before a photo shoot. Tried some fancy new hack squat technique and learned my cardio is on par with John Goodman's

    Legs 3/10/15
  • High carb day

    The only thing more interesting than a goat wearing a pirate hat while eating asbestos in front of a Camaro is reading about a "high carb day." Prepare to be amazed

    High carb day
  • Back 3/5/15

    Fully rounded lower back'd butt-winking deadlift, old school bent over rows, and a couple curls for the girls

    Back 3/5/15
  • Legs with Kroc

    Hit the streets in Matt's camaro again...I took a video of him smoking out the neighborhood...I'm sure he'll post it online somewhere

    Legs with Kroc
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