Ted Toalston

Ted Toalston met Dave through a mutual friend in 2008 and quickly found his passion in powerlifting. Ted officially began powerlifting in January 2009 when he entered his first meet and secured a 1,590 total. Since then he has secured elite or better totals in the 198, 220 and 242 weight classes. His most notable placings are first in APF Senior Nationals 2010 at 198, second at APF Senior Nationals in 2012 at 198, third at WPC Worlds 2012 at 198 and first at APF Senior Nationals in 2014 at 220. Ted has worked past several serious injuries including an inguinal hernia (required surgery), a herniated disk (required surgery), torn adductor (not repairable) and in June of 2017 a torn left tricep tendon (required surgery). Ted is a multi-ply geared lifter and his best meet lifts are an 810 squat, 600 bench, 705 deadlift and a 2,115 total. Ted's next goal is to secure an elite or better total in the 275 weight class.